11-11-12 Paintballing Event

Adventure Club hosted a paint balling event which ended up being more like bb guns than actual paint balls.

On our way there, the taxi driver must have been the most popular person in town. Check out how many cell phones he’s got and even two ear pieces!


So as we were waiting around to get ready, we see these hardcore chinese people come in with their own gear and guns:


Versus us, just laying around without even any outfits on yet. hahahaha thank goodness we didn’t have to play against them. We would have been demolished in seconds.


Finally we start to get our gear…


Most didn’t fit or we didn’t match. haha


Instead of doing push ups to prepare, we saw a long benz limo outside and decide to take pics instead!













The briefing:


Entering the outdoor battlefields:









Final group pic:

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