Closet Organizer.. Check

After several days of design, assembly and fit everything came together. I truly loath Ikea but you can’t beat their prices, a similar setup anywhere else would have probably cost quite a bit more.   Read More for the Entire Story

Pre-course Activities and Eats

Although school officially starts on September 3rd, the MBA Program Office has managed to keep us busy on a daily basis, including the weekends. Here’s a recap: Mandarin Class. Level 1 August 1-14 What would I ever do without my certificate of attendance to boost up my confidence in acquiring mandarin skills. I would have […]

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Enter my jail cell, with a beautiful view.

July 31 – Surprisingly, on move in day, the size of the room was not as much of a shock as was the cleanliness and hygiene of what was leftover from the previous resident. There were layers of dust/hair all over, mold in the personal refrigerator, and dirty floors. I’m not quite sure if they […]

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Sous Vide on the Cheap

[flickr size=”thumbnail” float=”left”][/flickr] While Jenn is away, I have been trying to keep myself occupied, one thing that has been on my list of “to try’s” is to build a cheap Sous Vide cooking vessel. Rather than spending $800 or even $500 I decided to make one by myself, based on the $75 DIY Sous […]

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Welcome Post

*UPDATE [9/30/2013] This blog will now include the next chapter of my life in Tokyo, Japan where I will be working for the next year with Fast Retailing. Kanpai!* Harro! Welcome to my blog of random organized chaos, capturing my adventures here in Hong Kong and Asia. I know many of you have asked how […]

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