Million Dollar Smile

I present to you…the professional photo shoot that I completely did not take serious. Most people like to take these kind of photos in a very serious, CEO-like, professional, cool manner. I thought I could stand out by actually smiling. The professional photographer took several shots and at some point, one of my classmates made […]

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Saved By the Bell All Over Again

I’ve just started my fourth week of school and it feels weird to wear my back pack again after 7 years of work. There isn’t any bell system to alert students that class is starting but there are lockers and huddles of students that you can tell are the popular crew just like in Saved […]

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Maintenence Required.. Check Engine.. Paperclip Fix..

A few days ago the “maintenance required” light turned on in my 2002 Honda Accord (6th Generation), typically this light comes on via a timed schedule so it’s safe to reset it and basically forget about it if you do your own oil changes. In this case, since my car is getting close to the […]