Integrating into Hong Kong Life

It’s been nearly 2.8 months that I’ve been in Hong Kong and I have to say that I finally feel like I am adapting to life here, trying my best to integrate into the local culture, foods, sights, transportation, shopping habits, and language. Oh and on the plus side, the weather has significantly improved in […]

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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and National Day Celebration

I was able to celebrate my first ever official mid-autumn moon festival in Hong Kong on 9/30 and National Day on 10/1. Although most of HK is glittered with colorful lights and lanterns throughout the city, I decided to check out the Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland. The centerpiece attraction, Golden Moon, was at the […]

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Intake 2012—An Overview

Just realized that I never shared a summary of my intake which comprises of all full-time students on the 12 month or 16 month program: Total intake: 109 students International students: 98% (non-Hong Kong nationalities) Female students: 35% Average years of work experience: 6 (3-9*) Average age: 30 (26-34*) GMAT range: 610-730* Exchange-in students: around […]

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More Maintenence

After taking the car to the dealer to have them inspect the maintenance required light (tuned out my gas cap was cracked and needed to be replaced) I also decided to have them change the timing belt on my car as well as replace the front brakes which were squealing because they were worn down […]