About Us

Jennifer Yee Mun Au


Born in: Glendale, California [has lived in Los Angeles her whole life]

Currently lives in: Cerritos, CA

Family: Two loving siblings – Joyce (older sister) and Edmond (older brother). Best parents in the world still live in Glendale, CA.

Graduated from: University of Southern California (USC)

Work: ABC Inc., Honeywell, Deloitte Consulting, DIRECTV (present)

Favorite color: lime green

Favorite animals: penguins and pigs

Favorite movies/shows/anime: anything Pixar, anything done by Miyazaki (Totoro, Spirited Away, Ponyo), Napoleon Dynamite, Despicable Me, The Proposal, Family Guy, Sex and the City, Friends, Will & Grace, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, anything on Food Network, cowboy bebop, love hina, fruits basket, kare kano, naruto, Samurai Champloo, Bleach, One Piece

Favorite music: Bird and The Bee, She & Him, Muse, Justin Timberlake, Weezer, pharrell, 112, Notorious B.I.G, norah jones, Samurai Champloo soundtrack, J5, Jem, jimmy eat world, ATB, Antiloop, Daft Punk, 07, postal service, Jack Johnson, 311, Jason Mraz, Incubus, Silversun Pickups, Beatles, Elvis, Beach Boys, Hawaiian music

Collects random trinkets/toys (penny press coins, anything penguins, heart shaped rocks, erasers, legos, and the list goes on…), aspiring DJ, enjoys music, eating, cooking, rockband, strategic board games, drumming, traveling, dragon boating, scuba diving, snowboarding, mountain biking, skydiving, rock climbing, nature hikes, swimming, stand up paddling, rollerblading, soccer, bungee jumping, tennis, playing on the beach, running (ran for varsity track & field team in high school: 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay, 100m, 200m, 400m sprints), discovering new things to do, taking touristy/ridiculous pictures, buying outfits for Mr. Jangles, being spontaneous, meeting new people.

Food: Loves anything with sugar in it, cupcakes, boba, sweet potato/yams, taro, the green flavors of candy, the yolk of eggs, spicy food, noodles, cereal, Flappy Jacks pancakes, cheese, pizza, sushi, the insides of bread, limp squishy fries, ketchup, watermelon, crunchy white nectarines, pistachio/spumoni ice cream, corn in every format imagined.

What he calls her: Bubbie, Hamu

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Wilton William Wong


Born in: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Currently lives in: Cerritos, CA

Family: Younger brother, Winson. Mom and Dad still live in Edmonton, Canada.

Dream car: Ferrari F458 (previously F430, but it’s still up for debate)

Food: Hot dog, steak, lobster

Drinks: Anything with alcohol in it (seriously, I had a drink called a “pine cone” which was basically alcohol and jalepeno brine), Coke

Wilton was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Which is famous for the West Edmonton Mall, the Edmonton Oilers, Michael J Fox, the cold winters, the hot summers, and Edmonton is where Dethklok almost froze to death when they missed their bus.

In a previous life, Wilton was Beaver, a Cub, a Scout and a Royal Canadian Air Cadet, where he commanded a squadron and gained two pilot’s liscences. He also learned to figure skate. And as a testament to his nerdyness, he used to build high performance Beowulf computing systems. In his own words he’s a self proclaimed “High Tech Red Neck”.

Wilton started work for Deloitte in Calgary, worked on some projects in the US for a while, enjoyed the company of his co-workers there and decided that Southern California was the place to be. So he moved down to the warmer climate and the roller coaster ride began (see how Jenn and I met).

Wilton enjoys a good zombie movie (Dawn of the Dead, Sean of the Dead, ZOMBIELAND!), any movie that are historically significant or are about the previous world wars (Patton, Tora Tora Tora, the Guns of Navarone, etc.). He also enjoys watching documentaries (History Channel, Science Channel), adult cartoons (Cartoon Network), anime, do-it-yourself programs (HGTV), and scientific programs (PBS). He likes trance and house music (pretty generic). And In his spare time, Wilton likes to enjoy the outdoors, and being a handyman.

What she calls him: Han’some Hunk, Sreepie Cat, Dr. Wong

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The Story of How We Met


Most people claim “it was love at first sight” but for us, it didn’t quite work out that way. Flashback to March 2006. We were both working for Deloitte at the time but there was no way we would have ever crossed paths until the one Saturday when Wilton’s co-worker decided to invite Jenn’s co-worker to a clubbing event at Ivar in Hollywood. Since our co-workers were also mutual friends, they decided to each bring their friends (us) from the respective group they were in (Deloitte ERS and Deloitte Consulting). At first, reluctant to even come out, Jenn finally decided to check out the Hollywood scene. Wilton dragged his feet even more since it was through a co-worker of a co-worker that made him come out to the event. With the main person who glued all of the disparate parties together running late on Asian time, Jenn was given a mystery number to save on her phone to meet some “Wilson” [the music was too loud to hear the real name] dude who would arrive to the club first. Upon first meeting, Wilton came off as a typical, stuck-up consultant too cool for school who didn’t feel like giving anyone the time of day. Conversations exchanged between Wilton and Jenn were brief and nearly inaudible with the loud background music. For the most part, Jenn was mainly thinking “why is this guy wearing ear plugs and why is he decked out in a full on suit at a club?” No one gave the other a second look or even consideration and the night ended on separate ways.

For the next few days after meeting at the club, Wilton decided to reach out to Jenn but had to go through a mutual friend to find out Jenn’s full name to add her to the company instant messaging system. From that point forward, Wilton and Jenn learned more about each other and even threw in some cheesy, flirtatious lines. Although we were always travelling or working at different client sites, there came a day in April 2006 when we both happened to be at the Deloitte Consulting building in Santa Ana. The only reason Jenn knew that Wilton was in the same building was after hearing his name announced over the PA system to come to the reception desk. After meeting again for the first time after the club night and in a professional atmosphere, the sparks kicked up a notch and Jenn even remembers their talk outside the conference room where Wilton slyly tried to pretend he was looking out the window while checking her out from the reflection. So Wilton built the courage to ask Jenn to hang out after work but since there weren’t many happening options in the area, we ended up at Irvine Spectrum at Dave & Busters, of all places. Wilton was self-conscious that he smelt like Korean BBQ after dinner with his co-workers but all Jenn could think about was how attractive he looked in his suit, tie, and unique colored shirt. And so the adventure continues…

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