Halloween in HK

Halloween in Hong Kong is definitely a sight to see. I was surprised to see how serious people are about costumes and how creative they can get! It was amusing just walking through the MTR (subway) and people watching all night at LKF.



Scary blue smurfs


I suppose this would be the Chinese thing to do here in Asia.


My absolute favorite in terms of creativity and HK specific. You can’t see the entire costume but this guy cut out a cardboard box in the shape of a square to cover his body and his head has the green top of a mini green bus (the very common local transportation to get around here).



My classmates in Egyptian outfits sitting in between these poor locals who probably have never experienced such an awkward moment. The best is that the guy in the middle is taking it all in and even smiling for the camera. Not sure why Atin (guy on the left) is holding a gun…


Ocean Park Halloween (similar to Knott’s Scary Farm with terrifying mazes and haunted houses, but with crazy chinese people yelling scary cantonese phrases!)

Can’t believe they capitalized on Gangnam Style as a part of the Halloween theme…why won’t that song stop….it’s everywhere!


While waiting in the long lines to get in, Lex was the make up artist drawing on people’s faces. The mazes were pretty scary and we either got chased out of the exit, fell to the ground from shock, or hid behind each other. Some mazes made the females and males separate and the workers usually designate the person to lead the pack (usually the most fragile, whimpy looking one) before entering the maze.


In the sky cabin to go to the other part of Ocean Park, lots of beautiful views on the way:



View from the top of ferris wheel:



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