I’m still alive, honest.

#1 lesson learned from b-school, it is really difficult to maintain a blog on a frequent basis! I think I may have lost my audience by now since it’s been nearly 3 months since the last update! I have no idea where to start but I’ll break up the entries by events, specific topics, or just random moments so you don’t have to scroll down the page for eternity. For those reading right now, I thank you for your patience and bearing with me and wanted to let you know that I am truly still alive. It’s still not too late to say Happy New Year!

Since I don’t have a theme or category for this, let’s start with randomness I have observed on campus that made my brain jiggle for a short moment wondering what in the world is going on or just some shots I decided to whip open my camera because it was a nice view.


Yes, seriously that is a real monkey.


We had no idea what these cardboard box characters were doing. And no, it wasn’t Halloween either.




For one of the yoga classes, we discovered this hidden gem on campus but closer to where the faculty and “higher” class people live:




In the library restroom, there is a handy laptop holder in case you were in the middle of a difficult accounting problem and suddenly had to make a run for the restroom!


I came back from Macau and see this on my door, clearly a very genuine message from my friend, Lex, to say sorry for waking me up in the middle of the night for no reason at all! You may be wondering what Jie Jie is. It means older sister in mandarin. Sadly enough, many of my classmates and friends are actually YOUNGER than me so I’m usually the one looking after them and have thus far earned this name or “Mama Jenn.” The average age of our class is 30 but somehow, my friends ended up being the young ones.


My first personal letter in my mail slot that wasn’t an annoying Citibank advertisement! Also, one of the happiest days during my time there. Thanks, Jea :)


Wilton came to visit during winter break and spent 1 week in HK. Good ol’ husband helped with folding laundry while I crammed to finish homework assignments.


Morning view before a hike:


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