Million Dollar Smile

I present to you…the professional photo shoot that I completely did not take serious. Most people like to take these kind of photos in a very serious, CEO-like, professional, cool manner. I thought I could stand out by actually smiling. The professional photographer took several shots and at some point, one of my classmates made a joke so I smiled for real in that one frame. That was the pic I chose out of the several options that looked nearly the same – fake, unnatural and trying too hard.


**9/27: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Celebration hosted by China Club**

In light of the upcoming holiday that is one of the more popular ones celebrated in Hong Kong, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival will land on September 30th this year. The traditions and customs include eating mooncakes with yolk in the middle, carry brightly lit lanterns around, having a bbq outdoors to enjoy the sight of the full moon at night. Today, the China Club put on a great event to share the traditions of this special holiday with games, tons of moon cakes and fruit, a killer buffet dinner with baby suckling pig being made right on campus, peking duck wraps, caligraphy booth, cutting out red patterns to place on one’s window to fight off evil, games of Chinese hacky sack (Jianzi), and an amazing performance of a colleague who can play the erhu, a two-stringed bowed musical instrument. Even though it is an official public holiday on the 1st and 2nd of October, the MBA students still have to attend class. We might be the only exception in all of Hong Kong. Hopefully there will be less queues for elevators and food at least.






Chopsticks challenge that has people compete on how many marbles they can put in their bowl using chopsticks.


I won against my competitors for superior chopstick skills and earned this friend. Meet Chopstix.


**Some more recent eats:**

Falafel box


Paisano’s Pizza (cheeseburger toppings but I didn’t taste any burger, there were bacon/ham bits in it instead)


Indian Vegetarian, Paneer cottage cheese blocks!


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