Saved By the Bell All Over Again

I’ve just started my fourth week of school and it feels weird to wear my back pack again after 7 years of work. There isn’t any bell system to alert students that class is starting but there are lockers and huddles of students that you can tell are the popular crew just like in Saved by the Bell (although much of the undergrad kids look like nerds). School officially started on September 3rd (for the MBA students). The campus is packed now that all of undergrad has started school too – we are unfortunate this year since the undergrad program just transitioned from a 3 to 4 year university which means an extra year of students that the campus has to accommodate! My schedule is a bit unique from the rest of my classmates because of the elective classes I had to substitute my core course exemptions with based on my business undergrad background.

My favorite elective so far is Marketing in China on Thursday nights. The professor is the ex CEO of PepsiCo Asia (23 years) and worked at P&G for 9 years. I really like his teaching style bringing in many relevant examples and sharing video clips of chinese ads. He also passed out a bunch of asian catered snacks during the first class while talking about how his team launched Lay’s chips in China.


Some of the weird chip flavors were cucumber, hot and sour fish soup, cheesy lobster, dan dan noodle, lychee. I enjoyed the green tea pocky and green tea oreos the best.


During the second class we discussed a Chinese White Liquor case study and then went through the process of marketing a soy milk product for china during the third class. And what better to do than provide the students with samples! The sesame soy milk and soy milk with oats (basically tastes like the leftover milk after eating a bowl of cereal) were my favorite.



The other good thing about this elective class is that it takes place in the off campus location in Central hong kong, heart of the city, so it’s nice to get out of the suffocating campus sometimes even though it takes an hour to get there on mini bus and subway.

**Views and facilities on campus**

At the atrium near entrance of campus. Some welcome balloons to kick off the school year.


And right above the welcome stage, signs protesting against forcing HK kids to learn China history.


Olympic sized pool that takes me nearly 30 minutes just to swim 14 one way laps (50M one way).


Bird’s eye view of part of the pool and track from the 11th floor:


Nice bay views from the synthetic track as one goes around and around in circles:


A beautiful sunset view from my room. I love the shades of purple and pink that fill the sky:



Panoramic view from outlook in between library and Chinese restaurant:


Stellar views from the library. This is from a study room I booked for 3 hours.


Still in the library from an individual study stall on the quiet floor, LG3


View of the new business building still being built. Scheduled to open January 2013 (hopefully)


During MBAA Student Class Elections, this maintenance dude kept going up and down distracting the election speeches:

**Events and Outings with Classmates**

8/25/12: A dedication to Wilton that I saw at a mall on my way to the Concert in the Dark event:


8/27/12: Korean Night Dinner to expose classmates to Korean culture : k bbq, drinking games, karaoke


9/1/12 Junk Boat Trip (Sai Kung): 2 junk boats total, lunch included, tons of “beverages”, carrying 30 people each, hosted by the Adventure Club (new club started by my classmate and I). Included banana boating and wake boarding.



9/2/12 Running to Sai Kung with classmates. At first the path was a bit non-memorable being on the sidewalk near cars/buses whizzing by but eventually we decided to branch of to a side street and came upon this private beach (you can see HKUST in the background of the second picture below). On the way there, white picket fences, flower beds, nicely trimmed bushes…it felt a lot more like Laguna Beach than HK. There are so many faces of Hong Kong, it surprises me all the time!



9/4/12 Student Club Promotion day where we show off our clubs to the class so we can get them to donate the $1000 HK allocated to each student for their clubs of interest.

Marketing Club booth with our newly created logo and banner. Brand challenge game on the right. My laptop rotating best in class, engaging commercials/ads. iPads showcasing our timeline of proposed events and the benefit we bring to members. My role: Vice President


Adventure Club booth. This is more of an interest club and way of building camaraderie with our classmates and maintaining a healthy outdoor lifestyle from school stress. In the photo, Derek is President, I am Vice President. We had rock climbing gear, scuba/snorkeling stuff, helmets, hiking maps spread out all over the table. iPads rotating pics from hikes, junk boat trips, scuba dive trips.














9/23/2012. Girls night out at Aqua in TST. Fantastic views. Also learned a great quote from Janey: “dress classy but dance cheesy.”


Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (coming up on September 30th). Wilton’s Aunt, Lanny, gave me these super cute penguin hand made lanterns and healthy tasting moon cakes with red bean, no yolk.


**Canteen eats on campus**

Tasty, large portion of beef chow fun noodles but a bit greasy:


Vegetarian Indian food:


Spaghetti Bolognese:


Fried rice with diced chicken in corn cream sauce. Description sounds a lot better than the taste. Just add hot sauce and the world is okay again. Was still able to split the portion into two meals though.

Istanbul tent they added due to more students on campus. Chicken, lamb, beef doner wrap.


Vietnamese pho noodles


**Food outside of campus**

Shanghainese food in Mong Kok (this was my fav dish that had a peanut sesame taste in the soup):


Thai food in Sai Kung after Junk Boat trip: baked fried rice with nuts, seafood, and taro. Along with some crazy coconut drink with weird floating, colorful, crunchy bits.


Mos Burger: Fast food chain with Japanese style tastes in smaller sized burgers. The one I had was a rice burger that uses rice as the buns and yoshinoya tasting meat instead of an actual burger patty.


Gourmet Burger in LKF (the bar/lounge/club area) that sufficiently fulfilled my burger craving I had ever since landing in HK. My burger was the Southern Swine – 100% grass fed new zealand angus beef with cheese, bacon, bbq sauce. Considered more high class based on price: $8.77 USD


Socialito in LKF: this fulfilled my mexican food craving with the pork belly tacos. Definitely more high end with a price of $10.31 for two tacos.


Japanese curry at Hang Hau with tasty salad containing corn bits


Subway, yes they have these in HK too. Only 1 cheese option though.


Turkish / Greek food, chicken doner during Carmen’s gathering:


Glutinous rice with peanuts, green onion, bits of preserved meat, from Taste supermarket


Korean food in Causeway Bay near Times Square. On the more expensive side for cold noodles $17 USD. Great ban chan sides though and there were slices of pear in the cold noodle bowl that made it even more refreshing.


SuperStar TST restaurant, special red crab cuisine that is seasonal. Thanks to Wilton’s Aunts and Uncles for spending time with me at least once a month!


Curry place in Hang Hau. Omelet, cheese, curry, ketchup over rice.


Paisano’s – we somehow were successful in getting them to deliver NY style pizza, antipasto salad, and calzone to our dorm from Sai Kung. We then proceeded to watch a movie from a laptop since we couldn’t figure out how to connect with the flat screen TVs in the dorm common room.

Sushi One at TST. Finally, a decent place for sushi to fulfill my Uni and Toro craving. Kimchi scallop was pretty good too.


**U.S. versus Hong Kong Fail**

Before coming to HK, I never knew of or used the A4 paper size and as a result, the letter-sized line paper, three ring hole binders, folders and puncher I brought from the U.S. were pretty much useless.


I would have never imagined a vending machine that sells umbrellas, definitely not something to be seen in LA.


Duck King also wouldn’t dare show its face in Los Angeles unless you want to lose a lot of street cred. I mean, really, check out that bling surrounding the Ducky head ornament. Absolutely out of control.



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