2013-01-08 Lung Ha Wan Country Trail 龍蝦灣郊遊徑

Since Wilton was in town and many of my female classmates have not seen the beauty of Hong Kong’s abundant hikes, I decided for us to all go to one closer to school in the Clearwater Bay 清水灣 area. Lung Ha Wan Country Trail 龍蝦灣郊遊徑 extends from Tai Hang Tun to Lung Ha Wan, passing through […]

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老公, 老公, Visits Hong Kong!

Wilton visited Hong Kong over winter break (end of December 2012 to January 2013) so that we could also visit Vietnam and Cambodia. Since we took 987342635294759563972 photos for the trip, I am terrified to even sort through those so I will fast forward to just the Hong Kong part Wilton’s first meal at the […]

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Christmas Decorations

Holiday decorations are definitely much more prevalent in Hong Kong than what I’ve seen in Los Angeles. Whether in the mall, on the street, lighting on buildings, product placement opportunities, they sure now how to get people in the shopping mode in time for the holidays. don’t know whose kid this is, but had to […]

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11-22-12 International Night

International Night is the HKUST MBA way of celebrating thanksgiving and the global diversity of the student body. That evening, we had tables of national dishes prepared by the native students, with personal introductions of the food by the cooks themselves. There were a variety of different cuisines, from sushi and Swiss cheese fondue to […]

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11-18-12 Sharp Peak / MacLehose Trail Section 2 Tai Long Wan Hike

Adventure Club hosted a hike to Sharp Peak and Tai Long Wan which is one of the most scenic hikes along the MacLehose Trail (麥理浩徑) which in entirety is 100KM but we probably did about 15KM of it. We had to take a few buses to get here in the Sai Wan part of Sai […]

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11-11-12 Paintballing Event

Adventure Club hosted a paint balling event which ended up being more like bb guns than actual paint balls. On our way there, the taxi driver must have been the most popular person in town. Check out how many cell phones he’s got and even two ear pieces! So as we were waiting around to […]

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Halloween in HK

Halloween in Hong Kong is definitely a sight to see. I was surprised to see how serious people are about costumes and how creative they can get! It was amusing just walking through the MTR (subway) and people watching all night at LKF. Scary blue smurfs I suppose this would be the Chinese thing to […]

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10-14-2012 Rock Climbing at Tung Lung Chau (東龍洲)

My first rock climbing trip to East Dragon Island with members of Adventure Club. We had to take a 30 minute boat ride out to the island: Some amazing views on a trail that would eventually lead us to the rocks. Matteo going up first to set up the climbing anchor with carabiners: Learning the […]

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I’m still alive, honest.

#1 lesson learned from b-school, it is really difficult to maintain a blog on a frequent basis! I think I may have lost my audience by now since it’s been nearly 3 months since the last update! I have no idea where to start but I’ll break up the entries by events, specific topics, or […]

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Integrating into Hong Kong Life

It’s been nearly 2.8 months that I’ve been in Hong Kong and I have to say that I finally feel like I am adapting to life here, trying my best to integrate into the local culture, foods, sights, transportation, shopping habits, and language. Oh and on the plus side, the weather has significantly improved in […]

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