11-28-12 to 12-02-12 Singapore Trek

The purpose of the Singapore Trek was to establish networks with company HR, management and HKUST alumni while trying to look for internship and full time opportunities. Students choose which companies they want to visit. Here are a few that were set up: Apple, Samsung (advertising agency branch), Brightoil, DBS bank, Citi Private Banking, Bain […]

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11-22-12 International Night

International Night is the HKUST MBA way of celebrating thanksgiving and the global diversity of the student body. That evening, we had tables of national dishes prepared by the native students, with personal introductions of the food by the cooks themselves. There were a variety of different cuisines, from sushi and Swiss cheese fondue to […]

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11-18-12 Sharp Peak / MacLehose Trail Section 2 Tai Long Wan Hike

Adventure Club hosted a hike to Sharp Peak and Tai Long Wan which is one of the most scenic hikes along the MacLehose Trail (麥理浩徑) which in entirety is 100KM but we probably did about 15KM of it. We had to take a few buses to get here in the Sai Wan part of Sai […]

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11-11-12 Paintballing Event

Adventure Club hosted a paint balling event which ended up being more like bb guns than actual paint balls. On our way there, the taxi driver must have been the most popular person in town. Check out how many cell phones he’s got and even two ear pieces! So as we were waiting around to […]

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Halloween in HK

Halloween in Hong Kong is definitely a sight to see. I was surprised to see how serious people are about costumes and how creative they can get! It was amusing just walking through the MTR (subway) and people watching all night at LKF. Scary blue smurfs I suppose this would be the Chinese thing to […]

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I’m still alive, honest.

#1 lesson learned from b-school, it is really difficult to maintain a blog on a frequent basis! I think I may have lost my audience by now since it’s been nearly 3 months since the last update! I have no idea where to start but I’ll break up the entries by events, specific topics, or […]

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Integrating into Hong Kong Life

It’s been nearly 2.8 months that I’ve been in Hong Kong and I have to say that I finally feel like I am adapting to life here, trying my best to integrate into the local culture, foods, sights, transportation, shopping habits, and language. Oh and on the plus side, the weather has significantly improved in […]

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Intake 2012—An Overview

Just realized that I never shared a summary of my intake which comprises of all full-time students on the 12 month or 16 month program: Total intake: 109 students International students: 98% (non-Hong Kong nationalities) Female students: 35% Average years of work experience: 6 (3-9*) Average age: 30 (26-34*) GMAT range: 610-730* Exchange-in students: around […]

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Million Dollar Smile

I present to you…the professional photo shoot that I completely did not take serious. Most people like to take these kind of photos in a very serious, CEO-like, professional, cool manner. I thought I could stand out by actually smiling. The professional photographer took several shots and at some point, one of my classmates made […]

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Saved By the Bell All Over Again

I’ve just started my fourth week of school and it feels weird to wear my back pack again after 7 years of work. There isn’t any bell system to alert students that class is starting but there are lockers and huddles of students that you can tell are the popular crew just like in Saved […]

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