11/22-11/24: Kobe/Osaka/Mt. Koyasan

Wilton being my first visitor to Tokyo also brought with him 3 huge U-Haul boxes about 70 lbs. each, filled with snacks, household goods, cleaning items, more clothing from my wardrobe at home, snowboarding gear, pots/pans, electric blanket, thoughtful gifts from family, and even zhong (my all-time favorite filled with sticky rice, yellow bean, egg […]

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The secret to making friends: baby carrots

The biggest discovery I made at work was the key method of attracting attention and starting up much needed conversation in a very serious, focused work environment. The trick: having a ziplock bag of baby carrots on my desk. As a part of my trip to Costco a few weeks ago, I got a big […]

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11/10 Weekend Activities: Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Tokyo Dome City

Koishikawa Korakuen 小石川後楽園 is one of the oldest and most beautiful Japanese landscaped gardens in Tokyo. Mitsukuni Mito constructed this garden to be a beautiful mix of traditional Chinese and Japanese landscapes with a pond, bridges, a man-made hill, stones, and a variety of plants. 300 Yen for entry. Very close to Iidabashi station. The middle […]

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Hiking/Outdoor: Mt. Takao san

Mt. Takao san 高尾山 599 meters (1,965 ft) tall, located within 1 hour of downtown Tokyo. I went with my co-workers Sonam and Geoff. Our projected half day hiking turned into a full day adventure. Lots of hiking routes up and back down as you can see in the picture below. We ended up hiking […]

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Running sights: Odaiba & Edogawabashi

My last running meetup followed this path (7.3 miles) : Shimbashi station > Rainbow Bridge > Odaiba Marine Park > Odaiba aqua city > Daiba station. It was a bit muggy but it was nice to see the south side of the city. Thank goodness it didn’t rain – I seem to never have an […]

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Week 2 Edition of Only in Japan…

After the second week of work and being in Tokyo, there are some random things that I’ve learned about this country and had to share: That annoying iPhone shutter sound you hear when trying to take a secret photo of a funny sign or moment at work…well, it’s restricted from disabling in Japan. Why you […]

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Konnichi wa! Next stop: Tokyo, Japan

There is a bit of a gap from my last blog entry in Hong Kong but to recap: Finished my last class at HKUST in August 2013 Accepted job offer with Fast Retailing to start working in October About Fast Retailing: http://www.fastretailing.com/eng/about/business/aboutfr.html Overview of Business Segments: http://www.fastretailing.com/eng/about/business/segment.html Spent time with family and friends in Los […]

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2013-01-08 Lung Ha Wan Country Trail 龍蝦灣郊遊徑

Since Wilton was in town and many of my female classmates have not seen the beauty of Hong Kong’s abundant hikes, I decided for us to all go to one closer to school in the Clearwater Bay 清水灣 area. Lung Ha Wan Country Trail 龍蝦灣郊遊徑 extends from Tai Hang Tun to Lung Ha Wan, passing through […]

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12-08-12 Macau

One day getaway to Macau to jump off the world’s highest bungy at 764 feet, check out old Macau, eat some po tats, and enjoy the christmas decorations in the casinos. Left around 10AM and came back to the dorms the next day around 5AM. Bungee jumping off the world’s highest bungy: St. Paul’s Cathedral […]

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11-18-12 Sharp Peak / MacLehose Trail Section 2 Tai Long Wan Hike

Adventure Club hosted a hike to Sharp Peak and Tai Long Wan which is one of the most scenic hikes along the MacLehose Trail (麥理浩徑) which in entirety is 100KM but we probably did about 15KM of it. We had to take a few buses to get here in the Sai Wan part of Sai […]

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