11/22-11/24: Kobe/Osaka/Mt. Koyasan

Wilton being my first visitor to Tokyo also brought with him 3 huge U-Haul boxes about 70 lbs. each, filled with snacks, household goods, cleaning items, more clothing from my wardrobe at home, snowboarding gear, pots/pans, electric blanket, thoughtful gifts from family, and even zhong (my all-time favorite filled with sticky rice, yellow bean, egg […]

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Good Eats in Tokyo

You may have been wondering…where are all those crazy, useless food pictures that Jenn usually wastes blog space to post?! Fear not, I have so many photos of the different types of food that I have tried, that I need a separate entry dedicated to food and only food. Upon our arrival to Tokyo, our […]

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老公, 老公, Visits Hong Kong!

Wilton visited Hong Kong over winter break (end of December 2012 to January 2013) so that we could also visit Vietnam and Cambodia. Since we took 987342635294759563972 photos for the trip, I am terrified to even sort through those so I will fast forward to just the Hong Kong part Wilton’s first meal at the […]

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12-08-12 Macau

One day getaway to Macau to jump off the world’s highest bungy at 764 feet, check out old Macau, eat some po tats, and enjoy the christmas decorations in the casinos. Left around 10AM and came back to the dorms the next day around 5AM. Bungee jumping off the world’s highest bungy: St. Paul’s Cathedral […]

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11-28-12 to 12-02-12 Singapore Trek

The purpose of the Singapore Trek was to establish networks with company HR, management and HKUST alumni while trying to look for internship and full time opportunities. Students choose which companies they want to visit. Here are a few that were set up: Apple, Samsung (advertising agency branch), Brightoil, DBS bank, Citi Private Banking, Bain […]

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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and National Day Celebration

I was able to celebrate my first ever official mid-autumn moon festival in Hong Kong on 9/30 and National Day on 10/1. Although most of HK is glittered with colorful lights and lanterns throughout the city, I decided to check out the Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland. The centerpiece attraction, Golden Moon, was at the […]

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Million Dollar Smile

I present to you…the professional photo shoot that I completely did not take serious. Most people like to take these kind of photos in a very serious, CEO-like, professional, cool manner. I thought I could stand out by actually smiling. The professional photographer took several shots and at some point, one of my classmates made […]

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Sous Vide on the Cheap

[flickr size=”thumbnail” float=”left”]http://www.flickr.com/photos/djausome/7806178248/[/flickr] While Jenn is away, I have been trying to keep myself occupied, one thing that has been on my list of “to try’s” is to build a cheap Sous Vide cooking vessel. Rather than spending $800 or even $500 I decided to make one by myself, based on the $75 DIY Sous […]

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