The secret to making friends: baby carrots

The biggest discovery I made at work was the key method of attracting attention and starting up much needed conversation in a very serious, focused work environment. The trick: having a ziplock bag of baby carrots on my desk. As a part of my trip to Costco a few weeks ago, I got a big […]

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Weeks 3 & 4: Oh glorious boxes, how I have missed you

The last week has been marked in history of Jenn finally receiving her long awaited boxes held hostage at the Tokyo port for 1+ month after landing in Tokyo. I no longer need to desperately mix and match UNIQLO clothes and wear the same limited pairs of shoes I had. I hugged each box upon […]

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Konnichi wa! Next stop: Tokyo, Japan

There is a bit of a gap from my last blog entry in Hong Kong but to recap: Finished my last class at HKUST in August 2013 Accepted job offer with Fast Retailing to start working in October About Fast Retailing: Overview of Business Segments: Spent time with family and friends in Los […]

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Week 1 of Work at Fast Retailing: Let the Circus Show Begin

My first day of work was October 1st, Tuesday. Boy, did I have a lot of surprises awaiting me. 1) Orientation which lasted two days was completely in Japanese. Since I started with a few other MBA graduates who were also hired as a part of the Global Next Generation Leaders program, we each had […]

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Welcome Post

*UPDATE [9/30/2013] This blog will now include the next chapter of my life in Tokyo, Japan where I will be working for the next year with Fast Retailing. Kanpai!* Harro! Welcome to my blog of random organized chaos, capturing my adventures here in Hong Kong and Asia. I know many of you have asked how […]

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